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30+ [UNDEFEATED] TH7 War, Farming, Trophy & Hybrid 2018 Layouts

th7 WAR base
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Clash of Clans is a strategy and management war based game. It seems pretty simple and easy when you start to play it but as you progress through it, things become a little complicated and need some careful planning with clever strategies. TH7 coc Base layout for your village is one of the most important things in the game. It defines your strategies and how well they are. As you upgrade to TH7 BASE some new stuff are unlocked- new defenses, walls and much more. All of these need to be setup in strategically planned manner.

So, here are we with 30+ TownHall 7 bases . These bases can be used to design you village based on your priorities and the techniques you are using. Each of the bases for TH7 given below are carefully planned and tested by skilled coc gamers. So, use these TH7 war bases , TH7 Trophy Bases, TH7 Farming Bases, TH7 Hybrid Bases to make your village a better and stronger one. Choose among 30+ bases for TH7 and sort the one that fits you the best. Lay out a perfect best TH7 base and top the leader board in Clash Of Clans app.

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th7 WAR base


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TH7 War Bases

TOP 10 TH7 War Base |Anti 3 Star| Anti Dragon/Hogs/ Ballons| 3 Air Defenses

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1. –  Best Town hall 7 War Base | TH7 Anti drag /Anti Hog/Anti giants War Base 2018

TH7 war base

The base that ranks over all the others in TH7 war bases is this one right here! This COC War base is great defense over some of the most dreadful and terrorizing creatures of Clash of clans . No doubt I am talking about Dragons, Hog riders and Giants. All of them with DPS can destroy your base before you know it and to win you need a base that can kick some real asses. Here in this base, we have planned all the base elements to tackle them. This coc TH7 war base includes air defenses which are great against hogs and dragons with some ground strategies for giants. Try this base and let them come!

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2. Epic COC TH7 War Bases Anti 3 Star 2018|| 3 Air Defenses

For all the attackers that plan their strategies to target your base with Dragons and Hog riders at TH7 with high DPS, you need to plan your strategies rack them up first. And this is the perfect base layout for this. Anti Dragon, Anti Hog strategy we’ll be using for a great TH7 war base that includes using air defenses and other traps.

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TH7 war base3.Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base – ANTi Dragon ANTi Hog Strategy

TH7 war base

Focusing on air attacks to defend against the reckless dragons and hog riders, this coc TH7 war base is hard core against the most feared creatures in COC.

The strategy used here is not a very popular one which is an advantage as not many of you attackers will be able to break through the core. This Anti Dragon and Anti Hog strategy will get you some great wins!


BASE 4-  Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base + 3 Air Defense REPLAY – ANTi Dragon Strategy


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TH7 war base

To tackle some of the most damaging creatures and by this I mean Dragons from racking down your base you will need some badass Air Defense.

Dragons are susceptible to air defenses and the Replay defense – Anti Dragon Strategy works like a powerful weapon against them.  This amazing th7 war base has been proved very effective against dragons which are the one to focus on in Town Hall 7.

5. Best Th7 War Base 2018 With Replays Anti Dragon Anti Hog Anti 3 Star Anti 2 Star With 3 Air Defense

With strategic offensive tactics with dragons and hog riders attacking your base, you need you to have an Anti 3 star TH7 war base with Anti Dragon Anti Hog to have a rock solid defense to take them out. And this Th7 war base is best for an Anti 3 star or Anti 2 star. Combined with 2 air defense this war base can easily take out all the dragons and hogs.

TH7 war base6.TH7 ANTI 3 STAR WAR BASE – w/ 3 Air Defenses | Best War Base | 2018

TH7 wars get tough and you need to get tougher in order to win. The main threats to your base are only a few, you either rip them apart or they will rip you off.

Air defenses are what you need to pay attention to. Dragons and hogs can easily be taken down if your war base has good air defense. This TH7 war base is an Anti 3 start war base which can get you one of the strongest base in TH7.

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TH7 war base

7. Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base + 3 Air Defense – ANTi Dragon Strategy

TH7 war base

The Town hall 7 anti dragon war base is a rock solid combination hard core land defense with 3 Air Defense for an effective Anti Dragon strategy. This particular TH7 War base focuses on taking down Dragons in a way they don’t get to the core.

If you are not defending against the dragons at Town Hall 7 in your war base, there is a definite chance of your base to be ripped apart by them. Try this and war base layout for Th7 for an ultimate Anti Dragon strategy.

8. TH7 WAR BASE 2017 , Best War Bases of JUNE – JULY 2017TH7 war base

The best TH7 war base is here with anti everything. Not only you need to pay attention defending your base against dragons, hogs and giants are a problem too. You will have to play smart setting up air defenses with some badass land defense too. And fret not! This TH7 war base has got everything you need. Design you base as shown and have a great win ahead any damn attack!

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9. Best TH7  War Bases of JUNE – JULY 2018- Anti Dragons/Anti Hogs/Anti Balloons with 3 Air Defense.

The three things that will drive you nuts in Town Hall are dragons, hogs and balloons. Not only they attack you outer base, they can survive to rip it apart till the very end of it. So, here is what you need- Anti Dragon, Anti Hogs and Anti balloons. 

Having a full-proof plan against these three especially will have you win some of the toughest war in COC. The coc TH7 war base is designed particularly to defend against the most feared creatures and attacks.

TH7 war base


10. TH7  War Bases of JUNE – JULY 2018 – – Anti Dragons/Anti Hogs/Anti Balloons with 3 Air Defense.

The 3 Air Defense mixed up with Anti Dragons, Anti Hogs and Anti Balloons strategy to power up you TH7 war base is the one shown here. Try this for a powerful defense in Town Hall 7 to tackle Dragons, hogs and balloons which are the reason why you are not winning any wars against them.

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TH7 war base


Here We Compiled Top 5 War Base Trophy Base For  Townhall 7 Anti Hog Anti Dragon Anti Giant ANTI ALL TROOPS- 

1.Th7  Anti Hog Anti Dragon Anti Giant ANTI ALL TROOPS

th7 war base


This TH7 base may look quite simple but it is as tough and badass as any base can be. The base combines the powers of some of the best defences at TH7.

The outer layer if the base can be a bit luring for the attacker with all the resources. The Outer layer has been channelled into compartment. Each compartment is designed to lure in the troops but the powerful defences near them are sufficient enough to kill the enemy troops.
The Wizard Towers, Mortars and Archer Tower are placed around the main core to keep any kind of troop out. The base can perform a really strong defence against Dragons as the placement of Tesla, Air Defences and Air bombs is around the main core.

This will also help in keeping the hogs and Giants off the main core. The spring traps and giant bombs placed across the base will help in killing the enemy troops faster.

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Replay Proof: 


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This TH7 war base is everything that you need to win any war or league. The base is designed to protect against any enemy troops.

The channelled walls will help in distracting the troops and they will go around the core. The core is well defended with Wizard Tower, Giant Bombs, Air Defences and air bombs. The Bomb tower is another great feature of the base helps in killing the enemy troops faster.

Overall, the base is a powerful defender against any kind of troop and if you are expecting high power attacks, you should use this.

Replay Proof: TH7 WAR BASE


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The powerful defence of this base work great against all kinds of troops and attacks. The multiple compartments of the base help in distracting troops around the base. The counter placement of Mortars will leave no room uncovered/ The Wizard tower works efficiently in defending the base.

This TH7 war base has some pretty awesome strategies against Gowipe attacks and its variations too.

Replay Proof: TH7 WAR BASE


TH7 war base Replay Proof: TH7 war base


TH7 war base Replay Proof: TH7 war base




1.TH7 Base For Everything War Base , Farming Base Anti Dragon + DEFENSE REPLAYS

The TH7 farming base is one of the amazing farming bases which focus of some of the most dreadful troops. The base has powerful defence over Mass Dragon attacks and its variations too. The inner core of the base is protected by three Mortars placed in opposite directions to cover all the sides.

The Air defences and Air sweeper placed around will help take down Dragons faster. The Wizard Towers are on the outer layer for first defence. With predictive pathing the whole base has been set up with spring traps, Giant Bombs and other traps.

th7 farming base

Replay Proof: th7 farming base

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2. Town hall 7 (Th7)  Farming Base 2018


th7 farming base

The next on our list is yet another amazing TH7 Farming base of 2018with powerful resource protection. The attacker may find many vulnerable spaces to funnel his troops in but the hard core defence of the base gives the centralized Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage maximum protection.

Surrounded by three air defences and Mortars, the enemy will have no chance of surviving the core!


th7 farming base

As luring as this TH7 Farming/ Trophy/ hybrid base is for the attacker, there is no chance his troops reach to the core alive. The Town hall is centralised with air defences around it. The two Wizard tower placed at two opposite ends around the base give the base a new strength. The outer layer is made such that it makes an easy target for the attacker. This base can also be used as a defence base in wars and its works efficiently there too!


Base 4: New! TH7 Farming Base LOOT PROTECTION! PROOF! + Replays Anti Dragon, Giant | 2018

th7 farming base

This TH7 farming base is one of the best designs that you can get at TH7. The farming base can be used as an excellent protection against Dragons and Giants. Although, any kind of troops have no chance of surviving into the core, the base focuses on defending against the nasty attacks of Dragons and Giants. The outer layer of the base is designed to make it look easy and vulnerable but the powerful core is where no troops survive. 

Replay Proof: th7 farming base

Base 5: CoC- “NEW!” BEST TOWN HALL 7 (TH7) FARMING BASE with 3 Air Defenses – New Update 2018

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th7 farming base

The next on our list is the newest design of TH7 farming base of 2018 The core of the base protects the Dark Elixir Storage and the Town Hall with Teslas, Giant Bombs, Wizard Tower and traps all around it. The outer cover of the core is power-packed with 3 Air Defences, Mortar Tower and Archer Towers. The base is an amazing Farming base of TH7  some big wins!


1.New “BEST” TH7 TROPHY Base Design!! CoC Town Hall 7 Defense – Clash of Clans


th7 trophy base


2. INSANE ‘NEW’ TH7 TROPHY BASE DESIGN!! [Town Hall 7 Trophy Defense] Clash of Clans

th7 trophy base



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trh7 trophy base


4. New “BEST” Town Hall 7 (TH7) Trophy Base | Clash of Clans TH7 Defense 2018



th7 trophy base


5.New BEST Th7 Un-Defeated Trophy Base  | The Reaper | Anti-Drag & Giant


th7 trophy base

Replay Proof: th7 trophy base 5 replay

6. Best of Best TH7 Trophy Base

th7 trophy base Replay Proofs: th7 trophy base replay th7 trophy base replay


1.  NEW Town Hall 7 (TH7) Hybrid Base Design | Clash of Clans TH7 Defense

The TH7 Hybrid Base is as powerful as it looks.  The Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage is placed at the core of the base with Tesla, air defence and Mortars placed wisely around it to give the base a powerful defence against Dragons, Hogs and Gowipe Attacks. The base is designed to distract troops around the base and keep them from entering the core.

The base is great defence base and can be used as a TH7 hybrid base.

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Base 2:

This Th7 Hybrid base is an amazing war base with powerful defence and can also be used as a great Farming base too.

The base cover the core resources with Air Bombs, air defences and Mortars around it. This gives a potential defence against the Dragons and Hogs. The Teslas are wisely laced around the core to trigger ground troops. The base is covered with spring traps and Giant Bombs all across to give a powerful boast to the base.


This TH7 Hybrid base is one of the best Hybrid bases at TH7 of 2018. The outer layer with all he corners are defended by powerful defences like Mortars-canon combo and Traps like Giant Bombs with Archer Tower.

The main core has two Wizard Tower, Air defence and Mortars with Air Bombs and traps.

Overall, the base is a powerful Hybrid base that can be used as a war as well as a farming base.


4.Clash Of Clans – Town Hall 7 (TH7) Farming/Hybrid Base July 2018

If you want a base that can give you a awfully big loot as well as win you some great wars.

The greatest feature of the base is how well all the defence structures are placed around the core, protecting the Town Hall, Clan castle and the Dark Elixir Storage.

The air defences and Mortars are one of the most powerful defence of the base. The Teslas cover the rest area with the outer layer guarded by Air sweeper so no mass dragon attack is passed through them. The walls are upgraded and even more powerful.

The base is a great Hybrid base with the most powerful defenced which can be used to gain a lot of loot and also in wars as an efficient defence base.

5.CLASH OF CLANS – TH7 Hybrid BASE 2018 | COC Town Hall 7 Defense With 3 Air Defense

The next on our list is this base! With the best and most powerful air defence at TH7, this hybrid base fits all your needs and desires. The Town Hall is placed at the centre with three air defences placed in opposite directions to cover the whole area.

The Mortar supported by wizard tower and Air Sweepers add to the strength of the base. This TH7 hybrid Base can be used as an amazing Defence base in wars and leagues as well as a great TH7 Farming Base.


So, these were the best bases for TH7 which will help you set up a powerful village as you progress to TH7. Make your own choices and prioritize your needs to make the best base for your village. So often people get confuses and place the wrong thing at the wrong place which leads to poor defense. But with these bases for TH7, you will not only have a strong defense but will also top the leader board. So, start planning and make your clan the most powerful one!


30+ [UNDEFEATED] TH7 War, Farming, Trophy & Hybrid 2018 Layouts
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