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BEST TH10 Base Layouts, TH10 War Base Designs, TH10 Hybrid Bases and TH10 Trophy Bases

Clash of clans is a strategic war based game that has gained immense popularity among gamers. But there is reason for that. It’s user-friendly control and great concept makes it what it is. Initially, the game looks bit easy and simple but as you move on into it, the difficulty level increase and the factors, that you need to focus on, increases too. You will need stealth strategies and management skills to become the most powerful for TH10 Base. And for this you will need an excellent and carefully planned base layout for your village. Upgrading to TownHall 10  unlocks many new features for you. This means you need to use them wisely and cunningly.

The placement of each object effects the overall layout of the village which in turn effects the strength of your village. So, we have brought you the best base layouts and Designs for TH10, TH10 War Base, TH10 Farming base, TH10 Hybrid Bases, TH10 Trophy Bases, Base War TH10¬†which can be used to design your coc bases. These Base layouts are carefully planned and set, so there is no doubt they can make your village powerful in terms of what you want. So, choose among the best base layouts for TH10. Check ‚Äėem out!!

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th10 base




TH10 War Base

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10+ Bestest TH10 War Base Anti Everything 2018 + Replay Proofs | Bomb Tower

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1. Newest TH10 War Base Anti-Golem/LavaLoon, Anti Hogs/Giants


This powerful Th10 war base is everything that you need! With amazing defense strategies against Golems and Lavaloons, this base makes a strong war base. The outer layer of the base is as strong as it can be. The Mortars with Air Defenses and Giant bombs, spring traps and air bombs placed all around, this layer can never be crosses alive.

This powerful base defends amazingly against Hog attacks and Giants too. The inner core is covered by Hidden Teslas and X-Bows, no troop is every surviving this one.

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Replay Proof: th10 war base replay proof

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2. Unique The Multi-Square Best#2 War Base for TH10

With the strongest structures, this Th10 war base is another great defense base with some hard core strategies. The placement of the defense structures all around the base is what makes it so powerful. The Dark Elixir Storage is covered by Bomb Towers, a really powerful Mortar and other defenses. The base is divided into multiple square making each part of the base strong and hard. Use this base in Th10 wars and win some great ones!

th10 war base

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3. Town Hall 10 Anti 2 Star War + Trophy Base


th10 war base

The Town Hall is centralized with the Dark Elixir in this powerful Th10 war base. At the core, Teslas, X-Bows, skeleton Bombs, Giant Bombs and other traps combine all together to form an intense defense for the resources while the outer core is another is best feature of the base.

The Air defenses at the outer layer with Wizard Tower, bombs and other powerful structures can alone keep the troops from entering the core. This TH10 war base is one of the most strongest base ever at Th10 with a structure that can defend ANY attack from any troop.

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Replay Proofs: 

th10 war base replay th10 war base replay

4. Best TH10 War Base The Anti-Golem/Giant/Hog/Balloon funnels and Anti-Lavaloon

The amazing defending strategies used here is what makes this TH10 war base so strong and so awesome. The core is protected by hidden Teslas, air sweepers, X-Bows and all the amazing defenses that can ever be. The placement of traps and bombs like Spring traps, Giant Bombs, skeleton bombs and others help in taking down the enemy troops faster.

5. Best Top  Th10 War Base 2018 Anti All Max Troops Anti 2 Star

The multiple compartment with really powerful walls are the reasons why it would be really hard for the enemy to funnel his troops in. The center with Town Hall and Clan Castle is well defended by Hidden Tesla, air sweepers, bombs and Mortar giving the base a rock solid protection to the core. The outer layer can be luring but each resource is guarded by a powerful defense structure. So, with minimum loss of resourced and assets you can easily save your second star with this amazing base.

th 10 war base

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The best feature of this base is the placement of super powerful cannons in and around the base. The Mortars at the outer layer of the base will help kill ground troops while the air sweepers with air defense and air bombs are strong enough to handle the air ones. The cannons are powerful and add to the power of the base. You can use this for an amazing win and it works really great if you are looking to save that last star!

th10 war base


7.  TH10 War Bases Anti Valkyrie/Bowlers/Miners With Bomb Tower 2018

As hardcore and as powerful as it looks, this TH10 war base is as hell for your enemies. The base works really great in defending against troops like Miners, Bowlers and Valkyries.

The outer layer of the base is the best feature which was the ability to rip any troops into shreds. The placement of some really powerful upgraded Bomb Towers can help kill these troops faster. Traps placed all across give a bonus to this amazing base. Use it for a war and save 3 star win for yourself. You may as well use this in Leagues to win some great Trophies!

8. Town Hall 10 War Base with Bomb Tower

TH10 war base

This TH10 war base with Bomb Tower is yet another piece of art. Each core resource is placed at different part of the base protected by some pretty powerful defense structures.

The hidden Teslas, Wizard Tower and the Bomb Tower add to the killing. You don’t even have to worry about the air attacks as the air defenses are placed all around to give maximum protection to the base.

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9. TH10 War Base Anti 3 Star With Bomb Tower

This Anti 3 star war base is an amazing choice if you want to save that last star. The core of the base is protected by 4 Wizard Tower each one placed to cover the other.

The X-bows and Hidden Tesla are place to add to the strength. The outer layer of the base is as hard as diamond with the strongest defenses covering the resources. The walls of the base are another powerful feature of the base.

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TH10 war base


This TH10 anti 2 star base is what you’ve been looking for. The base has the strength to destroy any troop or any attack.

The base is designed to distract the enemy troops and make them go round and round the base. The Mortars, Wizard Tower and Air sweepers are the most powerful defenses placed at the outer circle to beat the lured enemy troops. The inner core is rock solid itself with Giant Bombs, Hidden Tesla and air defenses placed all around.


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TH10 Farming Bases

1. TH10 Farming Base 2018 | TESTED IN CHAMPION LEAGUE! | BEST Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base

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Tried and tested at some of the most hard to win leagues, this TH10 farming base is a supper powerful layout. The walls and structure of the base is one the best feature which help in protecting the base against ground troops and especially Wall Breakers.

The Air defenses and Air bombs are put up at just the right places to make a powerful defense against air troops while the ground troops are handled by X-Bows, Hidden Tesla, and traps all across the base. Use this base to earn some amazing loot and thank us later!


2.  NO #2 TH10 FARMING BASE 2018


This beautiful piece of art is what we call a real deal. The outer ring of the base is covered by strong defenses like Archer Tower, Bomb Tower, Mortars and X-Bows which are protecting the resources on that region.

The core here is guarded by some pretty badass defenses like Hidden Tesla, Air Defenses, Air Sweepers, Giant Bombs and traps all around. So with minimum loss of of resources you are going to win a maximum loot from this amazing TH10 farming base

3. BEST TH10 Farming Base 2018 Town Hall 10 Base TESTED IN CHAMPION LEAGUE


The best is here! This really powerful TH10 Farming base has some of the best farming strategies of Clash of Clans. Not only the outer layer is luring for troops, the inner core can get pretty intense too.

The super powerful Mortars and Air defenses combine together to defend the base against all kinds of attacks while the core is rock solid itself! This base has been tested in Champions league and you will surely win an awful good with this base!

4.   BEST TH10 Farming Base w/ NEW BOMB TOWER | Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base TESTED! [2018]


This amazing TH10 war base is our favorite. The Bomb Tower is the best feature of the base that provides it super powerful defense and an amazing boast. The other features of the base includes the design and structure.

The walls are really strong and with multiple compartment, the base can easily fail Mass Dragon attacks and GoWipe Strategy. This base has been tested and has proved to be really efficient in Farming.

5. TH10 Farming Base 2018 | Town Hall 10 Dark Elixir Farming Base | Tested At Champion

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The next TH10 farming base is as amazing as any other or we shoud say better! This farming base provides 100% protection to Dark Elixir storages and there is no chance that any enemy can ever funnel his troops in.

The Air defense of the base is really powerful and with Hidden Tesla, X-Bows and Mortars the ground troops are also handled pretty well.  We tested it at the Champions League and you can see the results yourself down here!





1.Town Hall 10 (TH10) Trophy Base 2018 + Defense Replays | ANTI 2 STAR | ANTI ALL

This badass base is a TH10 Trophy base is an Anti 2 star war base. The best feature of the base how well the core is designed to give maximum protection. The Hidden Tesla, Giant Bombs and other powerful defenses that you see at the core make up to the kill zone of the base,

The resource ring can be really luring but each resource is protected by a strong defense so the enemy troop can stand no chance to survive.

Replay Proof:
th10 trophy base 1 replay

2. TH10 Trophy Base | COC Town Hall 10 Pushing To TITAN Cup | Clash Of Clans

th10 trophy base 2

The beautiful design of the base is itself a challenge to get in. The powerful walls of the base and their clever structure is the best thing in the base. The enemy will go nuts finding the best place to attack from. And, even if he does, he won’t be able t it up to the core alive. If you’re pushing through the Titan’s cup, don’t thing anymore and use this base!

3. WORLD’S BEST BASE! Defended to Titan! | Build + Replays

th10 trophy base

As hardcore as it looks, this TH10 war base is the one of the best Trophy base. Each core resource is placed at different part of the base with different defense structures around it. The benefit this type of design gives us that the enemy troops won’t stick together but will split up which makes them easier to be killed. Use this base in the Titan’s cup and show off your wins and Trophies!


Replay Proof: 
th10 trophy bASE 3 REPLAY

4. Town Hall 10 (TH10) Trophy Base with Bomb Tower + Defense Replays | 


This TH10 Trophy base is yet another one that we loved. Not only it has this amazingly powerful design, the placement of Bomb Towers is giving real power to the base,

The Centralized Town hall, Clan Castle and Dark Elixir are given some insanely powerful defenses that make out the whole base. The traps and Bombs placed around with Hidden Teslas are one that the enemy troops will never survive!

Replay Proof: 

5. TH10 Trophy Base 2018 | Defense Layout | Anti Air & Ground | Tested At Champion | Clash Of Clans


The TH10 Trophy base right here is so amazing that even supercell will bow to it. The inner core of this base is hard rock! The hidden Tesla and X-bows cover the Town hall hall while the Air defenses are placed around it give full proof protection.

The Dark Elixir is placed slightly outside but is guarded by Bomb Tower, Archer Tower, Mortars and Air defenses. The base gives the best protection against air troops and eve the ground troops stand no chance here!

Replay Proof: 


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1.TH10 Hybrid Base 2018 | Best Town Hall 10 Farming Base | Tested At Champion


Tested at the Champions League, this TH10 Hybrid base is what you call a master plan. The Outer layer of the base is protected by Mortars, 2 Bomb Tower at each side and powerful geared cannons. The inside is where all the resources lie which is why this region has the strongest defense structures. The Hidden Tesla, Bombs and Traps add to the awesomeness, You can use this base as Farming base or at leagues to win some great Trophies


Replay Proof:TH 10 HYBRID BASE

2. BEST TH10 Farming Base w/ NEW BOMB TOWER | Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base TESTED



Designed cunningly to counter powerful attacks like Gowipe, Mass Dragons and GoHogs, this TH10 hybrid base is an insane design of the perfect defense strategy. The Air sweepers and Air defenses are placed in combination with Mortars, and other ground defenses to protect against all the enemy troops.

The outer layer of the base is protected by powerful wizard Towers and Archer Towers. There is no way this base loses to anything or anyone. You can use this base as a farming base or as a defense base at Leagues or wars- both ways this base is KICKASS!

3. Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base | COC TH10 Farming Base NEW 2018


This TH10 Hybrid base is may look a bit too easy and weak but the power of this base is insane!

The outer layer of the base is packed in with powerful walls and the strongest defense like Mortars, Wizard and Archer Towers in support with Air defenses and Traps. The enemy will have no chance of funneling his troops into this one! The inner core may also look vulnerable but it as hard core as it can be. Even if the enemy troop survive the outer base, they will not be able to make up into the inside!

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So, these were the best base layouts for TH10, th10 war base, th10 war base 2017, Th10 farming base, coc th 10 , th10 trophy base , base war th 10 terkuat, clash of clans th10 base, th10 hybrid base Your strategies and bases define your place in Clash of Clans  . Choose wisely according to your priorities and plans because without them you village will come crashing down to ashes. Hope this helped you!


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