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Hey there Clashers! Were you looking for some kickass base layouts, maybe some stealth strategies to play against your enemy or are you new to the game? Whatever is the reason, whatever is the purpose. If you landed on our island, we sure won’t let you down. This means, all you are looking for, we have it hot and spicy ready for you. The greatest and the most powerful base layouts, amazing strategies and the most awesome guides of Clash of Clans are just one click away!

From cheats to hacks, war base to builder base, there is nothing we don’t have. You will find the strongest designs, read the most detailed researches and planned guides under one web address- Clashofclanslovers.com. Well, what else do you want? And hey, this is not the end, we have much more than this. So dig up and explore.

Don’t know where to start? Well, think no more, our home page will help you through. Follow up our beginner’s guide and become a pro in no time. Enjoy the thrill of the game but never lose hope because we here to help you through.

We are here for you, write to us at… Or just drop a comment. We even have twitter handle, so tweet as you like. Questions, queries, suggestions? Bring it on.



About us
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