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{NEW} Best BH4 LayoutsTested With Defense Replays!

best bh4 bases
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Making your way till the Builder Hall 4, you learn too many things. Before even going on to the guides and bases, you learn a lot by yourself.

And one of the very first and very important thing that you realize soon after your upgrade to Builder Hall 4 base is that first you need to have a solid army, second you need to a solid defense and third, you need both of them as solid as they can be together. There is no either one here. If you don’t have a powerful army, you lose. If you don’t have a powerful defense builder base, you lose. You have a powerful army but a weak defense, you lose and vice versa.

The versus battles can get tough without a good army but what we are here to talk about is your defense. You defense has a great deal of importance in all types of versus battles. No matter how good your attacks were, if you don’t put out a solid builder base, you will ultimately lose.

So, here’s the thing, with each upgrade on Builder base, things change drastically and so should you base.

Now, when you first upgrade to Builder Hall 4, there is a lot that you will have to do. You’ll find stronger opponents and you will have to change your offensive and defensive strategies.

Upgrading is the most important thing whenever you reach a new Builder Hall level.

Now, where most people make mistake is they don’t prioritize what to do and when.

Let’s be honest, you have a limited amount of Gold and Elixir, and you will be needing a lot of it to upgrade and purchase everything for the level. If you don’t upgrade and purchase the more important stuff, you never progress and this is why you need to know why and what should you upgrade.


WHY and WHAT to do on BH4? 

After being hit here and there a lot of time, the thing that I realized that upgrading the elixir and gold storage at any new level of builder hall is the first thing we should do.

So, I recommend you to first go and upgrade your Gold and Elixir Storages and say yay!

The second thing that you should upgrade/build is the Clock Tower. If you are not familiar with it already, Clock Tower helps you to boost your production time by upto 10x times. This means the upgrade or production time that needs say 10 hours will be done in 10 minutes. This wasn’t really important at BH3 or lower because the upgrade itself did not take so much of time but as you’ll go up higher the upgrade time will also increase and having a clock tower is bliss.

So, the next thing you should upgrade is the Clock Tower.

Your defense should be better than your offense. So, upgrade all your defenses, build all the new defenses unlocked and upgrade them if possible. Even if you lose a versus battle, you defense will make up to it.

That’s why, I recommend you to upgrade and get all your defenses, new and old.


**Pro tip**

Upgrade your canon before the archer tower. Often ignored, Canon have more DP and range than Archer Tower and are more effective in taking down troops. Upgrading archer tower is also not really needed but you still can. (Do it at last.)

Also, traps are another important part of your defense base, don’t forget to upgrade them as well. They are really powerful and have the ability to give some significant damage to Barbs, Giants and archers.


Somewhere between, you’ll feel like upgrading your walls. Well, DON’T!

Upgrading your walls at this level is senseless and really not needed right now.


And for Builder Hall Base 4, a specific set of army is used popularly, a general strategy and attacks are observed and so, with a lot of research and testing different bases over different Builder Hall Base 4 attacks, we came up with the finest of finest bases.
These bases can do wonders, and we mean this literary.

Let’s check them out then!

1. Best(BH4) Anti 3 Star / Anti 2 Star Base Clash of Clans Builder Base Layout / Night Village.


Best Builder hall 4 Base


This is the Best Builder Hall base 4 layout. The making and design may look simple but beware of what it can do. You can never trust your eyes.

  • Starting from the basics, the walls are geometrically set on the base giving a channeling defense with each defense element placed stealthily around. You may notice that the Builder Hall is centered while the other resource buildings are placed outside the base. This infamous strategy is used by many clashers in BH4 and above levels and has proved very effective.


  • Double cannons and canons are placed around Builder Hall along with Archer Tower. This combination is one the most powerful one and can easily take down on troops.


  • The bombs, mine and traps fill in all the vulnerable spaces. Often neglected, these will help your base to keep  enemy troops off the core resources and making more damage


2. Second BEST Builder Hall 4 Base w/ PROOF! NEW CoC BH4 ANTI GIANT Builder Base 

best builder hall base

The reason that this Builder Hall base is so amazing is that not only it can give a powerful protection to the Builder Hall but can also channel out enemy troops so there is minimum damage. This base can easily give you anti-2 star or anti 3 star win.


  • The Builder Hall is centered surrounded by high DP building like Archer Tower and cannons. This builder base is set out in such a way that the enemy troops are distracted towards the resources and not the defending building. This gives us the advantage of taking down the enemy troops. The walls add to it.
    The lab and Builder hut are place outside the base, so the enemy troops can get distracted. These buildings don’t add up a lot to the overall damage and are good to use this way.
  • The hidden Tesla is great against Barbarians while the air bombs are placed carefully to take down Baby dragons.
  • Spring Traps and Push Traps help fill in weak points in the base. These traps may look easy but are really effective during verus battles. The mega mine is yet another powerful defense. Put these on the most unexpected spaces in your Builder Hall base and you’ll never regret.
  • The enemy might use Giants to tank major damage first but don’t worry, he won’t be able to make it in, still.


Check out the replays for this amazing BH4 base!


3. Epic Builder Hall 4 Base (BH4) + Defense Replay


Best Builder Hall 4 Base

Simple and deadly. This is how I would describe this base. The first thing that the enemy would notice about this base is how clean, how easy. (Smirk*) Well, it isn’t easy. Your enemy will crack up his mind finding the best side to attack, for starters.

  • The Builder Hall has solid protection here. Archer Towers and some of the highest DP building come together in its defense. Double cannon, air bombs, Hidden Tesla are some of the deadliest elements of the base.
  • Small resources such as mines, Lab, etc. are spread outside to the enemy troops are distracted out.
  • Spring Traps and push traps fill in to the vulnerabilities of the base.
  • This amazing Builder Hall base will give you a solid win against tough giants, archer, barbs or any combo of these.


Replay Proofs: 


 4. TOP Builder Hall 4 Base w/ PROOF! +2500 CUPS!

Best Builder Hall 4 Base

Right here what you see is one of our favorite BH4 base and there is a good reason for that.

This base will surely get you through some tough times. And, if you have just upgraded to BH4, it would require some time but once you create this base, any attacker will have to crack him open to crack this base.

  • The outer ring of the base is all resource. This is really clever because the enemy troops can easily be distracted by them and the defense can do the rest.
  • The crusher, archer tower and the air bomb combine to make up a powerful defense. Add to this, cannons and hidden Tesla and your enemy is dead.
  • Each resource luring element is placed careful within the range of a powerful defense structure. This trick will help you take down even the highest tanking troops faster.
  • Push up traps and spring traps will add to the beauty of this beast!
  • The enemy can try any combination of army they want, they won’t get higher than 40%-50% damage.

Replay Proofs:





5. TOP BH4 Base [Anti 2 Star, Anti 1 Star, Anti Giant New Builder Hall 4 Base 2017].

Best Builder Hall 5 base

On the fifth we have our yet another awesome Builder Hall base. This base works wonders for later part in Builder Hall 4, when you have all traps, army, defense and everything. This is the time where you actually put up everything on display and kick your opponent’s ass


  • The main feature of this base is the placement of the most powerful defense structure across the base. Here, archer towers are placed in the long range mode around the center where there is Builder Hall. These will help take down high HP troops faster. Also, cannons and double cannons are located on the mid ring of the base along with resources to distract the troops. These, along with air bombs can work really well against bulk attacks and air troops.
  • Spring Traps and Push traps, along with crushers and double air bomb help in taking down powerful archers and giants.

Replay PROOFS:





Though we have added replays with all kinds of attacks here but you can still try them yourself and then choose what you feel was the best. We can’t really say which one is the best but it really depends on the attacks and defender.

You can mix and match these bases too, experiment yourself and see the result. As you go on exploring more, you will understand what is good on what.

Hope you liked these and we could be of help.Tell us what you think in the comments below, we love to hear from you.

Share and stay tuned for more amazing bases and tips!





best bh4 bases
{NEW} Best BH4 LayoutsTested With Defense Replays!
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