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{Amazing} Top 10+ Best Builder Hall 5 Base with Replay Proofs!

Best Builder Hall 5 Base
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Upgraded to Builder Hall 5 and don’t know where to start, what to do?

Well, storm your brain no more! All you need is right down here from beginner to pro level.

So, sit tight and take notes! (Thank us later :P)

The first thing you should know when you have upgraded to a new Builder level is that your opponents will be equally as strong. So, to beat them, you need to be stronger.

Upgrading to Builder Hall 5 there will be quite a lot of things to be upgraded and new defenses unlocked. But, you need to be really careful about what you upgrade and when. This means prioritizing your upgrade order so that you can have the right things at the right time.


To that question, there can be varied answers. Some may say that you should upgrade this, some may say that but out of my personal experience, and from the mistakes that I did when I upgraded to BH5, I planned out a neat upgrade routine, and when I say “routine” I mean something that you should do for all new Builder Hall Levels.

First things first! You have probably been familiar with the Clock Tower and rebuilt it in Builder Hall 4. If not, this should be the first thing that you do now. But remember do this only when you have sufficient amount of gold with you. Clock Tower increases your productivity time to 10x. There will many big upgrades that will take a considerably long time and having a clock tower will help you do things faster. But I won’t recommend this to be done if you are on “just enough” gold. You can do it at the end as well for next Builder Hall level but have in on your priority list.


There are few new things that will be unlocked at Builder hall 4 like new double cannons, new fire crackers, gold mine and elixir storages. So first get them all. I would recommend upgrading your elixir storage first. It will be really helpful in buying the battle machine and the multi mortar that are unlocked at this level.

The next upgrade should be your defenses. Upgrade your double cannons, fire crackers and then others.

With the help of your upgraded elixir storage get the battle machine and mortar. Save up more and upgrade your star lab to level 5. This will help you unlock many new upgrades for your army and will also unlock the cannon cart.


TRAP UPGRADE! Many of the players forget this but it is really important in builder hall 5 base. Your traps including push traps, spring traps, bombs, mines, etc. These defenses add a lot to your overall defense in Builder hall 5. So, upgrade them to the max level and place them at all vulnerable placed in your Builder hall 5 base. These can keep down bulk attacks and works efficiently on all heavy troops.



Don’t upgrade your walls. I mean yes you should but do it when you have done all of the above things but upgrading the walls should be your least priority.


The next thing you should be worrying about is your builder hall 5 base layout. No matter how great and efficient you are at attacking, you can never have a great victory without a great base.

And with a great base, you can plan on shitty attacks and still win. So here’s the thing, plan a great builder hall 5 base and worry about nothing else!

We brought up BEST BUILDER HALL 5 BASES, put them together and served it to you. It’s your turn, taste them, learn how to cook and serve it yourself!

Okay, check them out!

1.  Best BH5 Base [Anti 2 Star, Anti 1 Star, Anti Giant]New Builder Hall 5 Base 2017

Best Builder Hall 5 Base

This is one of the best builder hall base ever! These strategies will never get old and this is the reason why this BH5 base is so damn great.

  • The channeled walls here are a great layout itself. They will help distract and spread enemy troops and get your defenses time to work.
  • The core of the base with Builder Hall is solid! The cannons, crusher and archer tower combine to form a hard core center. They not only protect the core but back up each other.
  • The hidden tesla is cleverly placed to take on ground as well as air troops.
  • The double cannon provide high damage to powerful troops while multi mortar with its long range can kill almost any combination of attacking troops.
  • Mines and traps fill all unpredictable spots and through out bulk attacks.

Replay Proofs:


Best Builder Hall 5 Base


The base you were looking for is here! I can’t get over how awesome this base is and the best thing? It works against any troop combination. So, your enemy can use whatever they want, this builder hall 5 base is never going down.


  • The outer ring of this base is all of resources but if you look carefully, you‚Äôll notice that these resources are just distracting the attacking troops from hitting your defenses.


  • The canons and double cannons on the outer layer are great in breaking down the attack. They provide significant damage and speed down the most powerful troops.


  • The inner core has it all. With hidden tesla, air bombs and firecrackers they form a solid defense against air attacks such as baby dragons and minions.


  • The tesla along with archer tower and traps can be really effective in attacks of archers¬†and baby dragons. The cannon, double cannon, mortar are great in providing heavy damage to battle machine and giants.


3. Clash of Clans Builder Base / TOP BH5 Updated 2017

BEST Builder Hall 5


This builder hall 5 base will shake your opponent’s strategies. Not only with a solid core, this builder hall  base gives a lot emphasis on corners as well.

  • The outer layer is to lure enemy troops to attacking these resource building while the defense can take its place.
  • The mortar, cannons and double cannons combine to form a hard core of the base. These are so powerful that the battle machine will never survive against them.
  • Air defenses have been carefully planned here with archer and tesla combination. Along with this fire crackers, air bombs can take down air attacks in seconds.
  • All the mines and push and spring traps are placed around the corner and at places where there is definite probability of getting heavy attacks.

Replay Proofs:

4. TOP BEST Builder Hall 5 Base w/ PROOF! +3300 CUPS!  

best builder hall 5 base

Heavily defended core and a power to kill, this base is your ultimate battle winner! One of the best builder hall 5 base that you will ever see is this one right here. Try hitting this base and you’ll see.

  • Cannons and double cannons are one of tge most powerful combo. These defenses provide a significant damage to the attacking troops right from the start.


  • Level 4 push traps used here are great in bringing down bulk attacks at start. They will give tome for your defense to start up and hit. The mines are too carefully placed across the entire base to give in an extra damage to enemy troops.


  • This builder hall 5 base uses hidden tesla and archers at short range. These combine to back up each other providing heavy damage to high HP troops.


  • Hidden tesla is also quite useful in defending against air troops along with fire crackers.

You can use this awesome BH5 base against almost any troop, battle machine included!



Best Builder Hall 5 BASE 

The next one is as amazing! This base is so carefully and strategically planned that you can never end the discussion to what this base can do. But a little we can explain.

  • One of the best feature of this base is the defense against air troops. The firecracker is backed up by Hidden tesla and vice versa. These combine with air bombs to take down any air troop attack.


  • The mortar and double cannons, here, are the most important elements. They both have a considerably long range and provide heavy damage to ground troops and battle machine.


  • Another threat to the battle machine is the crusher and mega mine. These can take out the battle machine in just few seconds.


  • The archer on short range is really helpful in giving high damage.


  • All sides and corners are covered with max level traps which is a great way to keep off the troops for a start.


6. BH5 Anti 1 Star Base With Proof Anti Giant/Air Troops

Best Builder Hall 5 Base

**Pro tip! ** 

Keep all your cannons, mortars and traps to max level. Just do it. Always.

  • The builder hall is placed at the center with the mortar. this is an amazing strategy as the mortar provides heavy damage to powerful troops and has a significantly long range.


  • The walls here are patterned. This means that they are strategically planned in a way that the attacker will have a tough time deciding a corner or side to start.


  • The level 5 cannons and double cannons are of great power. They focus together and will destroy the enemy‚Äôs most powerful troops in a blink.


  • The archer is great on breaking the strength of the attack especially when there is a bulk attack.


  • The air defense here is no doubt awesome! Hidden tesla, fire crackers along with air bombs will rip the drags and minions apart.


  • Other defenses like the crusher will indeed crush the attacks with battle machines and giants.


  • This builder hall 5 base layout has a perfect placement of all the mines and traps.

Watch the replays and you’ll understand why and how these little things are way too useful than they seem.


So, this was all about builder hall 5. Hope you enjoyed reading this and it helped you. From planning out upgrades to builder hall 5 base layouts, we hope you understand how organized these things should be.

Also, don’t forget all the tips we mentioned. These little things add to a big win!

Stay tuned for more!

Having trouble? Feel free to write to us or just drop a comment.

Best Builder Hall 5 Base
{Amazing} Top 10+ Best Builder Hall 5 Base with Replay Proofs!
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