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{Bestest}Top 3 Builder Hall 6 Bases with Replay Proofs!

Builder Hall 6 Base
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Builder Hall 6 is here! New upgrades and a lot of new stuff unlocked. There are new strategies and new defenses to plan. And, there is a lot that you need to do. From building a new defense to planning what to upgrade while managing your resources, Clash of clans isn’t as easy as it seems.

Well, not so much for you! Because, today we are here with the COMPLETE BUILDER HALL 6 GUIDE!

From your upgrading strategies to the best builder hall 6 bases, this guide has everything that you need to know and do at Builder Hall 6. Let’s get started!


What to do first?-(Builder Hall)Tips and Strategies 

Now, when you get to Builder Hall 6, there are a lot of things that need to be done but the trick here is doing it right!

What I mean, here, is you should upgrade everything in a perfect sequence so you don’t wait long for the next upgrade and also have enough resources. This is how you should do at Builder Hall 6

1.GET ALL NEW DEFENSE- Now, whenever you get to a new level at builder hall the first that you should always do is get everything that is new at the store. At builder hall 6. The walls, second crusher, second archer tower, fire cracker, new storages and everything that is new, unlocked at the store. Get them all!

2.UPGRADE YOUR LAB! The next thing is upgrading your lab because it will help you upgrade your troop. Your attacks will get stronger at Builder Hall 6 only if you have a powerful army. Once you upgrade your lab, upgrade all your troops to max level! I prefer upgrading them in the following order:

3. UPGRADE YOUR DEFENSES! Now, upgrade all your defenses and this will take some time but having a strong defense is as important as your attacking. You need to balance and make both of them equally strong to get more trophies.

4.Once you have upgraded everything you are ready to go on some real battles at Builder hall 6 and so you need some really solid, hardcore defense bases.



Yes! These bases will push you up to 5000 trophies and if done with utmost perfection you may even hit up more! These bases are so amazing that even your attacker will try to surrender before.


1. {NO.1} Builder Hall 6 Base +3500 PROOF!, New CoC BH6 Base After NIGHT WITCH UPDATE!

Best Builder Hall 6

This amazing Builder Hall 6 base combines the strength of a power air defense with a solid core defense.

1.Level 5 Double cannon placed along with cannons, Archer Tower and crusher handle the high damaging troops in the best way possible. Add the damage from mines, spring traps and push traps along with this and any combination of enemy troops will never survive here.

2.Now, the air defense. As hard as the ground attacks will get at Builder Hall 6, you are going to have some pretty hard air attacks too. And that’s why we have a powerful level 4 fire crackers, powerful tesla and air bombs placed at all the right places. The best thing about these Builder Hall 6 bases is how cleverly these air bombs and traps are placed. Even the spam attacks or night witched will burn down here. The roaster adds a final touch to this amazing air defense.

3.Another great strategy this base follows is the placement of resources. And this is yet another important point. The resource buildings are placed on the outermost circle here. This helps distract the enemy troops off the defenses, spread out the bulk attacks and give your defenses more time.

4.Anti Giants! The powerful multi-mortar with level 5 cannons and double cannons will help take down those high damage tanking Giants. Add crusher and you’ll never worry about that battle machine too.


Don’t believe it? Check out the defense logs or try it yourself!

Replay Proofs:

 2. THE BEST Builder Hall 6 | ANTI EVERYTHING Base w/ PROOF

Best Builder Hall 6 base


Brace yourself attackers, this base will skin you!

Indeed, it will, and we have all the reasons to say so about this awesome Builder Hall 6 base. What? Read on.

1. THE OUTER RING! РLook at this base and see. We have used Level 2 and 3 walls here, and just inside there a layer of resource buildings each one covered with a range of one or two powerful defenses.

This will help your base kill enemy troops right at the start and keep them down. The bulk attacks can be lowered and spread out. Just when your enemy chooses to attack, his troops will have to go through the walls which will give your defenses the time and advantage to take them down.

2. THE SOLID CORE! – No matter how tricky your base gets in the start, the powerful troops will surely get in and that’s why we have here a powerful core too. The level 5 multi mortar, cannons and double cannons with crusher can never be broke. The archer tower in here is placed on a short range for more damage.

3.AIR DEFENSE! РThe fire crackers and the placement of hidden tesla along with archer tower and roaster combine to form a solid hardcore air defense. Ad this amazing BH6 base has it all.  The air bombs are another important part in an air defense because it can add to the overall damage to bulk attacks especially when the attacker is using baby dragons and night witch.

4.TRAPS!¬†– At builder hall 6 traps get a lot more important than before. At this BH6 base, the tras used are Level 4 or Level 5 which gives a great strength to the overall defense. All the vulnerable and predicted spots are filled with spring traps and push traps. Mines, bombs and mega mines are placed right where they’ll be needed the most and that’s why we say that this base is one of the best Builder Hall 6 base!

Don’t forget to check these defense logs. You’ll know we are not just bragging.

Replay Proofs:


3. Builder Hall 6 Base 2017  Anti All Troops Anti Baby Dragon Anti Giant 

Best Builder Hall 6 base

The Third best builder hall 6 base is here! Where are you?

So, when you are at BH6, your base will get a lot of air attacks and to knock them down you’ll need an even better air defense. But look no more, here it is-

1.DEFENDING AGAINST THE AIR TROOPS! All the max leveled air defenses are placed at all the right places. The fire cracker with its long rage and more DP along with hidden tesla can protect the base, ground defenses and each other. The roaster, here, is another great bonus over Night witches and baby dragons. The air bombs add up to a big portion of killing and all of them are used stealthy here.

2.NOT TO FORGET THE GROUND DEFENSE! There will be some serious air attacks but you need not forget any of your ground defense. 

Here, the walls are comparted so well along with resources that the enemy troops will have to put in a considerable time and strength to get in. This will get your defenses a big time advantage in taking them down at the start. The Builder hall is places with Level 6 Archer Tower. The cannons and double cannons with crusher can hit up the most powerful troops easily and that’s the beauty of this base!

3. Mines and traps placed all across the base provide a great deal of damage to the troops all along the attack and this is the key feature of this base. Do note the directions of push traps because this can be important


Replay PROOFS:

Best Builder Hall 6 base

Best Builder Hall 6 base



Choose any base you like because these builder hall 6 bases are incomparable. You can even mix and match as you like. Play on and enjoy.

This was all about BUILDER HALL 6. We hope it helped you and you enjoyed reading this. Having trouble? Write to us or just drop a comment!

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Builder Hall 6 Base
{Bestest}Top 3 Builder Hall 6 Bases with Replay Proofs!
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