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Best Builder Hall 7 Bases w/ PROOF!! New BH7 Updated Bases!

Best builder hall 7 base
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WOAH! Looks like you just leveled up to Builder Hall 7!
As exciting as it can be, at this level things get pretty serious! At BH6 base, you’ll have to take care of a lot of things even before the upgrade. While this can be really a great thing, being at Builder Hall 7 and pushing some great trophies will get hard.

But worry no more! We played, we fell and we learnt. Now, all that we learned is here for you!

So, worry about nothing because all that you will need at this time has been researched and served. Just read this guide and play! Have fun!


Sounds huge? Well, it is! Being at builder hall 7 can be really flattering but figuring out what to do and where to start can be a really tricky business. Now, I made a lot of mistakes when I started with builder hall 7 but I learned a lot too. So, here is what your priority or the ‘ to do at Builder Hall 7’ list should look like-

Tips and Strategies for BH7!

1.Start before! The BH7 upgrade takes a lot of time, maybe 4-5 days (even with the clock tower) and what you should do all this time is prepare. Battle and collect more and more elixir and gold. Fill up all your storage because the new upgrades will be really expensive. You’ll need a lot of gold and elixir and so you should store it in advance.

2. UPGRADE ALL YOUR STORAGES! The first thing that you will have to do is buy the army camo but for this you’ll need some more gold and so for this upgrade your storages to the max level.

3.GET THE 5th ARMY CAMP! Once you
the first thing you should is go get the fifth army camp. It will increase your army strength by 25% and add a great power in your attack

4.THE GOLD MINE! USe the master builder to upgrade your gold mines to max level because you’ll need a lot of it to buy the giant cannon.

5.GIANT CANNON! Once you gather enough gold, buy the giant cannon. It’ll be really worth spending all that gold because the at BH7 base, this giant cannon is a beast!

6.UPGRADE YOUR DEFENSES! Now upgrade all your existing defenses to max level and buy any new one is store. Match all the defenses to the same level. Don’t forget to upgrade your walls as well, they will be of great importance later.

7.UPGRADE YOUR LAB! The new upgraded lab will help you upgrade your troops which will help you win some tough battles. So, upgrade your lab.

8.UPGRADE ALL YOUR TROOPS! Level up all your troops to max and now you’re good to go! I used this order but you can do it as you like.

  1. Barbarians
  2. Giants
  3. Archers
  4. Baby Dragons
  5. Beta Minions
  6. Night Witch
  7. Bomber

Now, that you know everything about what to do and when, here is another most important part of BH7:


Now, this is one of the things that you need to focus on because without having a great defense base, you attack is as useless. We have added a detailed description of each base so you understand what this base is about and what it can do. You can learn and even mix and match to create your bases. But for now, these are the best Builder Hall 7 bases that you’ll ever see and can get you some pretty good trophies at Builder Hall 7.

1. Best BH7 Base Anti 2 Star GIANT CANNON Builder Hall 7 Base.

Best Builder Hall 7 Base

This Builder hall 7 base is beyond just amazing. Now, here is why-

1.OUTER DEFENSE! The channeled level 3 and level 2 walls used here are what we call an amazing strategy. The attacking troops will be spread out and distracted while the defenses placed there can do their job. This will help in knocking down the troops at start and taking down bulk attacks

2.THE CORE! The core is yet another thing that this Builder Hall 7 base focuses on. As strong as this core is, no troop will ever survive here. The Level 6 Multi mortar is just as powerful as it looks. Besides this the powerful giant cannon, upgraded to level 4 and double cannons placed at the core will provide a significant amount of damage to destroy the enemy.

3.AIR DEFENSE! Another great feature of this amazing builder hall 7 base is its air defense. The Level 6 fire cracker, Level 6 bombs and Hidden Tesla can take down those baby dragons, beta minions and Night witch like anything. The perk of these amazing defenses is that you will always win over an all air attack and don’t even worry when the battle machine kicks in, we have a solid defense for that too!

PRO TIP! Attacker don’t use ground troops a lot so focus more on your air attacks!

Replay Proofs:

2. Builder Hall 7 Base w/ PROOF!! +5000 CUPS!

Best BH7 Base


Want to push Upto 5000 cups, use this Awesome builder hall 7 base and worry no more!

Why? Here’s why-

1. THE CORNERS! Some of the major hits are from the corners and this base will knock out all these attacks. The walls are so perfectly designed with each corner so powerful. The resources are all placed with traps to kick out all the enemy troops right from the start. The walls are comparted and channeled to distract and spread out bulk and heavy attacks right from the start. This will be a great start for your defense and the enemy will never survive till the core.

PRO TIP! Corner’s strength help you lower the strength of attack at start. So, keep your corners strong!

2. WHATS IN THE CORE? The core has everything that you will ever need and maybe even more than that. The archer tower is placed on short range here to give maximum hits. Tesla add to this and both of them combine to add a great strength to both air and ground defense.

The crusher, giant cannon, double cannon and cannon are all at the max level for a solid ground defense at the core of this base.

3. THE AIR DEFENSE! Max leveled fire crackers with Roaster and air bombs can take down the most powerful air attacks. The short ranged archer and hidden Tesla add a bonus to this. At this level, you will have a lot of air attacks so this base will work like a charm for this level

Replay Proofs:


3. BH7 BASE 2017 !! EASY PUSH 6000 TROPHY

Best Builder Hall 7 base

The tittle is really accurate!

You can easily push to 6000 trophies with this amazing base and it is indeed one of the best Builder Hall 7 base. Wanna know why?

1.THE AIR DEFENSE! This base has amazingly solid air defense and as I mentioned earlier you’ll need a great air defense at Builder Hall 7 if you want to push through some serious trophies. The Level 7 fire cracker with level 7 tesla with max leveled air bombs and traps are beasts of this base. Not only the core, the corners are as strong because the majority of attacks especially the bulk air attacks start from the corner.

2.The GROUND DEFENSE! Not only this base is awesome at defending against air troops, but ground ones too. The max leveled defenses like Archer tower, multi mortar, giant cannon and other are long ranged defenses. They will back up each other and can deal with high damage tanking troops like giants, barbs and battle machine too.

3.THE WALLS! The walls play a significant role in a Builder Hall 7 base. The stealthily channeled and comparted walls make your enemy go nuts before they choose a side to attack. Any side or corner they choose, your defense will have a great time before they break in.

PRO TIP! Always have your walls upgraded to max level and use them to divide the base into different compartments.

4. OH TRAP! Yes, the max leveled traps placed all around the base will get you through some tough attacks. These spring traps and push traps along with mega mines can give some serious damage to the enemy troops.

PRO TIP! Mines and traps are really important in a builder hall 7 base. So, keep them upgraded to the max level too. Place them outside the base too so you can keep down the attacks at start.



Your turn!


Try out these amazing Builder Hall 7 bases and show off your skills at leaderboard. These were the best of best Builder hall 7 bases. You can copy them exactly or mix them up. Your call.

This was all about Builder Hall 7. We hope you liked it and it helped you. Thanks for reading.

If you have any queries or having trouble regarding anything, feel free to write us or just drop a comment!



Best builder hall 7 base
Best Builder Hall 7 Bases w/ PROOF!! New BH7 Updated Bases!
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