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{Bestest}TH9 Anti 3 Star War Base 2017+ Replay Proofs| Bomb Tower

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BEST TH9 Anti 3 Star War Bases Layouts-

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#1 Best of ALL TH9 War Base – Triton – Anti-3 Star


th9 war base 1

The best TH9 war base is here with the best strategy, defeating even the most powerful enemy.

The base combines the strengths difficult to lure clan troops and smart locations of Double Giant Bombs. Not only this, the base is designed unsymmetrically so that is difficult for the enemy to choose a side. The spring traps are placed in this Town Hall 9 war base are go handle the hog riders.

Now, let’s understand, in detail, how this base works?

  1. Anti-GoLaLoon

You may already be familiar with the GoLaLoon army composition. One of the strongest one, this army composition is quite famous for destroying the most well planned bases easily. Well, not this one!

If the attacker is using the GoLaLoon combo, he will look out on several things. These include the 4 Wizard Tower, 4 Air defenses and the Archer Queen.

Now, when you defending against such attacks you need to first keep him from taking the Wizard Towers. The attacker will avoid starting from the Town Hall as it has the Archer Queen supported by air defenses. This will leave attacking the nearby area which has high HP storages.

If the attacker choses to attack from South, The Air defenses supported by 2 Storages will bring him down.

Now, if the attacker decides to attack from two sides, he would make a little win but it would be just impossible for him to take down the Archer Queen as she will come out late. 

  1. Anti-GoHogs

GoHogs is a popular strategy that can kill the Archer Queen and take down the defenses easily. Double Giant bombs are one of the best unfailing strategy to kills these nasty Hogs. This base has the wisest placement of the Double Giant Bombs for no Hog will survive here! 

  1. Anti-Surgical Hog Attack

Another effective technique used by the attacker is the Surgical Hog Rider strategy. It’s easy and really efficient but we have cracked it too. The base here fails this technique because of the layered key defense. Even if the attackers plays the best variation of Surgical Hog attack, he won’t be able to make it.

Replay proofs:

th9 war base replay 1th9 war base replay 1th9 war base replay 1


2. Best #2 Stunning Town Hall 9 War Base – Anti-3-Star

The second one on our list is the yet another powerful and amazing TH9 war baseto kick out those nasty attacks. The best thing about this TH9 anti 3 star war baseis the hard core kill zone. The kill zone is as appealing as it can be. The Hidden Teslas placed inside here are of high DPS which can burn to hell anything that comes near. With that, are the heroes to deal with any kind of troops. The skeleton traps add to the damage with small bombs to kill the rest.

Now, lets see how this base works and why is it so amazing! Keep Reading..

The GoHo- The placement of spring traps are more than enough to take down the nasty Hogs and with the Double giant Bombs placed inside the zone, the kill squad will be out in ease. Most of the attackers will start from the kill zone to kill zone so to take out the queen which will in turn work out for you.

GoLavaLoon- If you look carefully at the layout of the kill zone you’ll probably understand that the kill zone is quite effective and quick in killing the Lava Hound attack.

Mass Valkyrie- The building are spread out and the spring traps are placed wisely to fail the Mass Valkyrie attack.

th9 war base 2

Replay Proofs: 

th9 war base 2 replay 1

th9 war base 2 replay 1

3.Excellent Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9 and 9.5

Excellent Anti 3-Stars War Base for Town Hall 9 and 9.5

This TH9 war base is everything you’ll need to secure a 3 star base and is one of the best TH9 war base 2017. The clan troops will be hard to lure out as the clan castle is centralized and there are so many empty areas that the prediction of bombs and traps will be really hard.

The Double Giant Bomb is placed between two defensive buildings which is another great feature of the Town Hall 9 war base. The Archer Queen is placed inside with high HP storage shields.

The Air defenses in this TH9 war base are excellent such as the Air Bombs, Air Skeleton traps and Wizard Towers focusing on balloons.

Overall, the base can give you a no fail 3 star win.
th9 war base 3

Replay Proofs:

Proof 1:th9 war base 3 replay 1

Proof 2:

th9 war base 3 replay 2

Proof 3:

th9 war base 3 replay 3

4. Queen’s Hell: Greatest Anti-3-Star TH9 War Base

Queen’s Hell: Greatest Anti-3-Star TH9 War Base

This is the base we are talking about! With a centralizes Clan Castle and Archer queen and funneled traps placed cleverly, this Town Hall 9 base is what we call“Queen’s Hell”. Let’s see how it works and why we call it so deadly!

Wizard Towers are placed such that they don’t get locked up on the hounds but the balloons which is what we want. They are centralized and can easily defend against the balloons as they hit the central area. These towers are also backed up by the Air defenses which cover the whole area.  The high HP tanker will help protect the Archer Queen and Air defenses.The base works air attacks and Hog riders as the funneling technique works pretty well here, Also, against GoWiWi the base has proved to be quite efficient.

Pro Tips:

If you think your enemy is more likely to use air attacks, set all Skeleton traps to air mode. Don’t use this base for 1-2 star, the base works great on protecting the last star.

th9 war base 4

5. Bestest 5th– TH9 War Base, Anti GoWiWi/GoWiPe/GiWiPe/Air

th9 war base 5One of the best TH9 war base and also one of the strongest one, this base can defend you against the most deadly strategies in Clash of Clans such as Dragons, GoWiWi and Gowipe.  The Base is designed such that he enemy troops go round your base and not be able to touch the core.  This is called channeling and is used quite often is defending against deadly strategies. If the attacker is using GoWipe, the Golems will go first and then the wall breakers. After that he will clear out some area with wizards and send out his P.E.K.K.A.s but it will be nearly impossible for them to get in the core as there are defenses in the area and hence GoWipe will be a fail here.

The Giants will be no big worry in this base as they will go around outside of the core and even if the classic strategy of healer is used the air defenses will take them down, The Mortars will also help in covering the base.

The Air attacks of this base are efficient enough to take down all the air attacks. The Lightening spell to clear Air defenses won’t work with two air defenses on opposite sides and Wizards Tower can take care of the Balloonions and Lavaloonians.

Base 6: Town Hall 9 Anti-3 Custom War Base


Last on our list but as powerful as any, this Town Hall 9 war base . Lets get into detail as how is this such an awesome base.

One of the most amazing features of this base is that due to an open core, you can control the flow of enemy troops. The predictive pathings help us here. The 4 Tesla farms placed here are enough to concentrate over a single target and also being placed in different compartments will help prevent the enemy to take them down easily. 

The Small Bombs are wisely placed outside the walls. This is the region where the try and break in. They are placed just side to Archer Queen Island and TH which will help take out the Wall breakers before they break in. The Giant Bomb are cleverly placed inside the core here. The Hog riders will easily be killed by the Giant bombs and even the P.E.K.K.A.s and Valkyries won’t survive this. The Spring traps are also twisted to handle the Valkyries.

The strongest and hardest region of the base is the Archer Queen’s Island. The area is supported by Air defense, Archer Tower, X-Bow and the Tesla. So, there is no way some tiny troop can get in and even if it does, it is impossible to survive this kill zone of the base.


{Bestest}TH9 Anti 3 Star War Base 2017+ Replay Proofs| Bomb Tower
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