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BASE 1 :Best Anti-3 Star Base for Town Hall 8


How does this Town Hall 8 War Base Work?

This TH8 war base layout is will kick some real ass. The war base right here is ranked first in our list of best war base layouts for TH8 for a reason. And the reason that this base is so amazing and an undefeatable kind is because it has some of the most important features. So, lets break it down and understand how this base works and why is it so awesome!

  1. Anti- Gowipe-

The GoWipe strategy has become so popular and no doubt it should be for the damn good technique it is. But if you are defending part, this TH8Anti Gowipe strategy to slow down the effect of GoWipe and it works like magic!

You may notice here, the Mortars are places widely and wisely all over so clean up troops are easily taken down.

When the attackers use GoWipe they select a vulnerable side or corner. Here, the lack of symmetry in the base makes this move difficult.

  1. Anti- Dragon

Dragons are another thing that most players are fearful of. These creatures are capable of destroying your base as well as ground units but here’s the plan for the perfect, unbeatable TH8 Anti-Drag Base.

  1. Air Sweepers and traps- (See the orange lines) This place is where we keep our 3 air defenses to target those bloody dragons.
  2. Death Zone- With2 Archer Towers+ Traps+ 1 Air Defense and a high HP storage, this is the primary Death Zone for Dragons (See the pink lines).
  3. Death Zone II- Your Secondary Dragon Death Zone is the Tesla Farm (Light Blue lines). Due to high HP storages and Air defenses nearby, high damage from tesla farm is very dangerous for the dragons.
  4. Turquoise are high damage point defenses (see the dark blue dots) which are also the points where dragons are most likely to attack from.

So, overall this base is kick ass fantastic for an Anti-3 star base for TH8 war base, also the best TH8 war base. All the best techniques are included here and if you lay out the war base just like this, there no way you are losing any clan war in TH8


  1. Anti-Hog

Hog riders are cruel creatures with high DPS destroying your base. But the Anti-Hog strategy used here is unbeatable and will protect you base against those bloody hogs.

  1. Unpredictable Double Giant bomb (see the red lines) placed. These babies are very hard to find and trigger.
  2. Hog paths (see the yellow lines) triggering Double giant Bombs and Spring traps make up a great strategy to rip those hog riders apart.
  3. Notice the Wizard Towers nearby, these will help you kill hogs quicker as they have high damage.




BASE 2 : EXCELLENT ANTI 3 STAR TH 8 War Base | Anti Drag | Anti Hogs | Anti GoWiPe

TH8 war base

How the Base Works?

Another kick ass base right here fellas. This is one of the undefeatable Anti 3 star war base- tried and tested with replay proof too. The base shown here is combination of TH8 Anti Dragon war base, Anti Hog and Anti GoWipe. So let’s break each part down to understand how this execellent base works!

  1. Anti-Drag

For an Anti-Drag strategy we will lure the enemy dragons to the place with high Air defense using a bait and rip then into shred. So, what we are doing here is putting our Air Sweepers at the Top left (see the screenshot), so this way the attacker avoids this direction and will attack from either bottom left or bottom as there are two Air Defense on these sides and this is exactly what we want. All our air Traps are at that side and as the mass dragons attack from this side, the traps will stop them right away!

But there is slight chance that the attacker starts from bottom right. So, to make sure this does not happen, you can place you air sweepers pointing at bottom right. This way they will either go for bottom left or top left where you have already put up Seeking Air mine and other air defense.

The base here also provides the Storage as a meat shield and centralized Barbarian king to confuse the dragons.

  1. Anti-Hog

Hogs are cruel and we all know it. In this TH8 war base, the attackers are generally to start off their hog attack from the bottom or bottom right. This is because we have already placed our Clan Castle and Builder Hut which makes it an appealing spot for the attacker as this place can lure more troops out. This is what he thinks and this is exactly what we want from him. We have got him exactly where we wanted.  All the spring traps are places right there in the path taken by the hogs.


Even in the worst case scenario when the attacker skips the spring traps, there is a Double Giant Bomb at the center which will give the attacker a 1 or 2 star win.

Another thing to notice here is the Centered king which will help kill Hogs at the center. More traps such as the Ground Skeleton Traps will help take down more hogs

  1. Anti-GoWipe

Having a potential risk being racked by GoWipe, this TH8 war base is also a good Anti GoWipe war base. Here is why. Look at the placement of 3 Mortars and Archer Towers in the base. While the other troops of attacker is busy damaging the Town Hall and Clan Castle, these Mortars and Archer Tower will help kill the remaining troops.

So, this was one of the Best TH8 war base 2017. With TH8 war base 2017 update, this TH8 war base will get you some solid wins! You can now checkout the replay proofs for this Clash of Clans was base TH8 right down here!


TH8 war base replay TH8 war base replay TH8 war base replay TH8 war base replay TH8 war base replay

BASE 3- Town Hall 8 Tricky And Powerful War Base.

th8 war base


The strengths of this base and How it works:

This is a TH8 war base which combines the tricks and techniques of a TH8 Anti drag base and TH8 Anti Hog base. This powerful war base has got everything you need. So, let’s get down to the features of the base-

  1. The placement of Air defenses with other traps makes it a great defense against Drags. Also, the buildings with High Hit Points are placed within the Air Defense range so they can help take down or slow the drags.
  2. To distract dragons, the builder Hut is also put outside at the corner.
  3. The 2 Cannons, placed outside, will help take down the troops from those parts and also distract building targeting troops.
  4. Wizards, Archers and minions will help in racking up attacker’s troops
  5. Now, the best part of this TH8 war base- The Double Giant Bomb. The placement of this will help you kill those nasty Hog riders. Beside the Double Giant Bomb, spring traps are placed at the most unpredictable places to take down the Hogs. The Double Giant Bomb will also be effective in taking down Golems.

Overall, the base is made tricky to make the placement of Bombs and Traps highly unpredictable for the attacker. This Clash of Clans War base TH8 is one of the UNBEATABLE TH8 war bases and real powerful one


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ūüėćTOP 3 {UNDEFEATED} TH8 War Base 2017 Anti 3 Star+ Replay Proofs
Top Undefeated TH8 Bases of 2017
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